The following images represent a selection of photographic work which should be looked at in conjunction with the poetry from my third book – Sawing Fallen Logs For Ladybird Houses, 2011.

“The original intention was to have the images and poetry side by side in one volume but due to the reluctance of any of the Welsh publishing houses to take the project any further I was forced to produce the book without images (due to high printing costs) and display the images online instead. Ah, well, so much for Welsh book publishers, grants & bursaries, guess they happen to other people.” – Dave Lewis

In 2011 Literature Wales (Academi) received 102 applications. They awarded 24 bursaries but just 5 were to unpublished writers.

Between 2004-2014, Literature Wales awarded over £1 million in Writers’ Bursaries, supporting 272 writers, yet only 102 books were published, which begs the question did the 170 so-called ‘writers’ who failed to produce a book give the money back?

Look into my eyes… I’ll leave you to draw your own conclusions from this.

Poem: ‘Over’


Poem: ‘Pink shop’

Poem: ‘Sawing Fallen Logs For Ladybird Houses’


Poem: ‘Terminal’

Poem: ‘Learning in Gaps’


Poem: ‘Mountain parting’


Poem: ‘Chevrons’


Poem: ‘Precinct Graffiti’


Poem: ‘Marrkech’

Poem: ‘Opium’


Poem: ‘Bike in the River Taff’


Poem: ‘My hometown’


Poem: ‘Party Animal’


Poem: ‘Kite’

Poem: ‘Disconnected’


Poem: ‘Row of trees’


Update: In October 2014, I published an updated edition of the e-book, which includes 21 colour images, online with Amazon. (This kindle version can be viewed on the free, downloadable, kindle reader for PC, iPad, iPhone, laptop etc.)