My Favourite Reads

If you search the Internet you can find lots of ‘Best Books Ever’ or ‘Top 100 Books To Read Before You Die’ lists. The BBC did a pretty decent Big Read list back in 2000 as well. It got me thinking that these lists are not for everyone, as maybe you just like crime thrillers, a bit of poetry, or some sci-fi etc.

Also, I think I’ve only read about a quarter of the suggested books on these ‘must read‘ lists, which sometimes makes me feel a little bit of a philistine. Then I got to thinking about the sort of people who compile these lists, the Guardian reader types, the arts councils, the pseudo-intellectuals, nah, I’m having none of that. I’ve read The Catcher in the Rye for example, and it’s without doubt one of the worst books I’ve ever read. So much for ‘literary classics’ eh!

So, I thought I’d compile my own list. Pretty random to be honest and no excuses about the lack of ‘classics’. I’ve read quite a few and loved many of them but I think on balance I prefer a certain type of book. Something that really grabs me, intrigues me or entertains me.

Personally, I love discovering new poets, I like crime thrillers, ‘kitchen-sink’ / working class novels, American fiction, autobiographies, travel books, science and quirky stories.

My favourite popular writer is Frederick Forsyth but I also love Cormac McCarthy and Robert Olmstead. In poetry we’re talking Gary Snyder, Brian Patten and ‘the beats’. My favourite all-time book is probably Saturday Night & Sunday Morning or The Ragged Trousered Philantropists but I’m discovering new and wonderful stuff all the time.

Below I’ve tried to create a diverse collection, in no particular order and limited each author to one book. No doubt I’ll update this list as and when but in the meantime might be worth a look, especially if you find a hidden gem yourself.

My Top Reads

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