Below is a small selection of images from Cuba, USA, Ecuador, Caribbean…

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All images copyright © Dave Lewis 1985-2022.

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La Habana, Cuba

Beggars, New Quito, Ecuador*

Street, San Francisco, USA

Walkway, St Johns, Antigua

‘Che’ statue, Santa Clara, Cuba

Local girl, Amazon basin, Ecuador*

Jazz building, San Francisco, USA

Old Quito, Ecuador*

Local church, Antigua

Street, La Habana, Cuba

Baby in dugout canoe, Amazon basin, Ecuador*

Tram, San Francisco, USA

Andes, Ecuador*

Classic car, La Habana, Cuba

Local children, Amazon basin, Ecuador*

Devil’s Bridge, Antigua

Buses, Old Quito, Ecuador*

Trinidad, Cuba

Dancing local girl, Ecuador*

Nelson’s Dockyard, Antigua

Boy washing, Banos, Ecuador*

La Habana, Cuba

Cannery Row, Monterey, USA

Ice-cream seller, Quito, Ecuador*

Nelson’s Dockyard, Antigua

Classic car, La Habana, Cuba

Conambo River, Amazon basin, Ecuador*

Beach, Antigua

Cotopaxi Volcano, Andes, Ecuador*

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* Old film images (not available for printing / sale)

All images copyright © Dave Lewis 1985-2022.