haiku_frontcover_300Dave’s sixth book is a haiku collection written over a period of a few years. Published in May 2012 by Ponty Press.

‘Dave Lewis is a unique voice in the poetry world. His new  collection is filled with a range of vivid, often quirky, word pictures. He is adept at making every word count. Despite its brevity, the haiku is anything but an easy option – at its best, this short and fairly formal poem should make the reader look anew at an everyday event. This Dave does to perfection, for example, “Chain gangs of electricity/on the green mountain/armies marching”. His haiku don’t always conform to the traditional 5,7,5 syllable format – he goes his own original way, as in a favourite of mine, “Consultant’s waiting room/the plant in the window/dead”… who else would have the temerity to finish on that single-beat word, dead? His thought-provoking images have some surprising last lines that take your breath away and will remain with the reader for a long time.’ – Moira Andrew

‘Dave’s book is free from pretentions, there is good variety, and good quality throughout; he’s clearly put a lot of thought and attention into this work.’ – Nick Fisk

‘Modern Haiku which addresses the everyday and yet somehow brings out those snapshot insights that resonate with the reader. This book comes highly recommended.’ – Mark Treacher

This book can be purchased direct from the author as a paperback or as an e-book for Amazon kindle.

Sample poems:

St. David’s Day –

Eve has two daffodils

one for her doll

June rain –

you smile

before leaving


in the spreading oak tree

– heart murmurs

bowing elephant

at the sacred relic of the tooth

hot sun

Thrush on the ground

next to the sycamore branch

Still bobbing

Sweet Spring rain

on my lips –

the cracks in a wall

black ice –

another makeshift shrine

at the roadside

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