Below is a list of various magazines, webzines, blogs and web sites that Dave has been published in or contributed to.

Web links are shown, if available, so why not buy / download a copy as keeping these publications alive is the only way we can halt the bland, boring verse propagated by the arts council elites and ‘Taffia Wales’.

Also, if you are a writer, then why not look these publications up yourself and maybe submit some of your own work.

Magazines / webzines:

Chapel FM Radio
Writing On Air
Poems: Marrakech, Square

Poetry Super Highway
Featured Poet of the Week (March 6-12, 2017)
Poem: R.I.P. John Thomas

Between These Shores
Literary and Arts Annual (Autumn 2017)
Poem: October Again

The Dawntreader (part of Indigo Dreams Publishing)
Poems: My Town, October Again, plus 3 haiku

Celtic Life International

Celtic Life International
Review: Wales Trails (Nov/Dec 2016)
Following in the footsteps of George Clooney, Ewan McGregor and Catherine Zeta-Jones, the April 2016, website edition, of this quality Canadian magazine sees a great article on Dave and the Welsh Poetry Competition. (March/April 2014)

Dream Catcher
Review: Roadkill by Gillian Drake (in Issue 32)

Roundyhouse Magazine
Review: Sawing Fallen Logs For Ladybird Houses by Agnes Meadows (in Issue 44)
Poems: Lion is 50 Bob, By-Pass, RIP John Thomas

haiku in #17

English Chicago Review
Poem: Terrace (in Issue 4)

Prole, Poetry and Prose
Poem: Heard Yesterday (in Issue 11)

Volume Magazine
Poem: Terminal (in Vol 10)

Morgen Bailey Blog
Poems: Hospital bed, Llangors

The Heron’s Nest
haiku in ‘December issue’

HQ Poetry Magazine
Poem: Sunday Morning, two haiku in #39 & 40

(Irish Haiku Society Journal) two haiku in #19

haiku in #45

Gold Dust Magazine
Poem: Green Grass (Issue 31)
Poems: Like Pitta Bread, October Again (Issue 30)

Poem: Girl from Albany Road
Review: Sawing Fallen Logs For Ladybird Houses

haiku in #12

Red Poets
Poems: From Ponty to Port Elizabeth, Sabi, The Phoenix Capsule, My Hometown, Bike in the River Taff (plus images from SFL), Flatmates, Hard
Magazine covers: #16 and #20

Ink, Sweat & Tears
Poems: Bobby, Merthyr Bus Stop, Quite early one morning

The Journal
Poems: Human Nature, Over weekend washed cobbles (Issue 50, Spring 2017)
Poem: Sirhowy

Poems: Kris cross, Human Nature, Death in Fiji

Monkey Kettle
Poem: Toothless

Bolts of Silk
Poems: Over weekend washed cobbles, a Penguin in Cardiff

Origami Condom
Poem: With a Yes and a No

The Beat
Poem: Skip a Beat

Read This Magazine
Poems: Grinding Down, Afternoon Shift

Gloom Cupboard
Poems: A Kenyan Accident, 41 Ladysmith Rd

Inclement magazine
Poems: Grab, Rev Jones returns home early from Fiji, Bundle

The Seventh Quarry
Poems: House Martins, Bay Day (Issue 25/Feb 2017)
Poems: Elephant, Bandi

Spark Bright
Poem: Africa

Poem: Hope

Square magazine
Poems: A Kenyan Accident, Bobby, With a Yes and a No, 41 Ladysmith Rd, Fragment, Now and Then
Prose: Global Warning

Bottom of the World
Poems: Boats, Miners Dog, Glazed Olives, Human Nature

Open Mouse
Poems: Wordsworth in 2006, Boats

BBC Sport
Column on regional rugby fiasco
Pontypridd pubs review

Great Writing
A few poems online here

Tontine Student Newspaper (University of Edinburgh)
Poems: 41 Ladysmith Rd, Afternoon Shift

New Magazine (African Dreams)
Poem: A Kenyan Accident

Never Bury Poetry
Poem: Bobby

Pontypridd Observer
Former columnist

BBC Scrum V
Former web producer / online journalist
Former blogger / rugby writer


Some poets love to perform others can take it or leave it. To be honest I always feel I’m a better listener than a reader. I also prefer to read poetry when I’m all alone, in the corner of a quiet pub, with the cold, winter wind howling outside, a nice, big log fire burning and a cool pint of HPA real ale in front of me.

John Cooper Clarke is a great performance poet of course while JH Prynne does not give poetry readings, does not appear in anthologies and is never nominated for prizes. Each to his own I say.

I wrote the poem below in response to the argument over whether to ‘perform’ or not. You can hopefully see where the emphasis goes 😉

In my experience, some poets are great writers, some are great performers, only a few, very rare individuals are both. I’d prefer to be the former if given a choice.

Some Poets

Some poets like to SHOUT!
Some prefer a delicate whisper.
Some poets like to make a   f   u   s   s
contorting faces like crumpled paper.

Some poets like to move their hands
while others d A n C e and shake their feet.
Some poets like to make you laugh 🙂
while others drip death down your street,

but I just like to write
words like raindrop and reflects
…and puppies, tears and cage and yet…
It’s always your scalpel that dissects.

I have read my work at various events. Here are a few I can remember, although I know there’s been quite a few more:

Swansea & District Writers Circle, Civic Centre, Swansea
Poetry talk, plus poems: Various ‘tweets‘ from SFL

Voices From The Bridge, Pontypridd Museum
Poems: Heard Yesterday, Until Tomorrow, The Patriot, 800

Poems & Pints, Gartholwg, Church Village
Poems: RIP John Thomas, What could the world say, What took you so long?, Eighty-five year old man…

RCT Literature Festival, Penygraig
Poems: Empty Basket, Tweet

Red Poets, Owain Glyndwr, Cardiff
Poems: The Phoenix Capsule

Red Poets, Imperial Hotel, Merthyr
Poems: Macro

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