The following images or ‘glances’ are taken from my poetry collection – ‘Mixed Messages‘.

This small selection of photographs were taken over many years: some are old film shots taken with a Canon 5 from the 90s, some with my Fuji X100S in 2021.  Each image has subsequently been edited in Photoshop.  They are included to illustrate and perhaps to bring to life the poetry that was often written after seeing or experiencing what you see in the image.  They should be seen as rare escapes, as fleeting glances in this busy, treadmill modern world.

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Cardiff street, Wales

Clifton Street, Cardiff


Tsavo East, Kenya

Tsavo East, Kenya


Alcoholic knifeman, Cardiff, Wales glances at passersby

Alcoholic, Cardiff


 Stone wall, Cilfynydd, Wales

Stone wall, Cilfynydd


River Taff, Pontypridd

River Taff, Pontypridd


 Ice cream seller, Bulawayo, Zimbabwe glances at a customer

Ice cream seller, Bulawayo, Zimbabwe



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